Monday, January 25, 2010

Interview: Ms. Julie Ahn, Managing Director/CCIM Investment Department, DTZ Korea, Ltd.

DTZ is one of the ‘big four’ global real estate advisers operating across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific and the Americas.
With a team of more than 12,500 property professionals and a system operating across people operating from 151 cities in 46 countries, DTZ works with clients to provide innovative real estate, capital markets and business solutions worldwide.
At the forefront of all key markets across the world, DTZ’s local knowledge and expertise makes it one of the top three commercial real estate advisers in EMEA, a pre-eminent retail property adviser in the UK and EMEA, the second-largest UK commercial full-service property adviser and market leader in China.
As noted by Ms. Julie Ahn, Managing Director/CCIM Investment Department, DTZ Korea, Ltd., the company’s transactional business advises on the purchase, sale, leasing and acquisition of all types of commercial and residential real estate. Professional advisory services include the management of real estate portfolios, building consultancy and valuation, as well as capital advice to maximize the value of real estate as an asset class.
“The service we provide to multi-national companies, major financial institutions, property companies, banks, governments and other public sector organizations is not only comprehensive, it’s also backed by the best research and intelligence in the real estate industry,” she said.
She added that DTZ Holdings plc, which is the largest shareholder in DTZ operations, is a publicly quoted company, listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1987. DTZ is in major centers from San Francisco to Shanghai, Stockholm to Sydney with.
In Europe DTZ has one of the strongest market presences of any real estate adviser. In Asia Pacific, DTZ maintains a 6,500-strong team at offices in Australia, New Zealand, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea.
Each office offers on the ground expertise in all aspects of the Asia Pacific property market. DTZ has a North American practice which is represented by DTZ Rockwood, DTZ Barnicke and DTZ FHO Partners.
In Mainland China, operational since 1993, DTZ’s fully licensed offices are in 15 cities namely Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan and Xian. It is largest and longest established real estate advisory firm in this fastest growing market.
“In Korea, DTZ launched Seoul office in 2008, the first and only company holding National Valuation Licensed appraisers among international real estate firms in Korea,” she said.
Ms. Ahn said that around the world, the company professionals offer a range of integrated services to leading multinational companies, major financial institutions, governments, developers and investors. “Among the range of comprehensive services we offer are consultancy and research, investment and capital market, valuation, overseas project services, leasing and acquisition and property management.”
DTZ’s suite of services for investors includes capital advisory services, investor consultancy, investment management and invest agency: the full complement of capabilities enabling our clients to exploit the potential of real estate investment market.
From the initial case for investment, to the design and planning of strategy, to the nuts and bolts of financial vehicles, right through to negotiation of acquisition and disposal and finally closing the deal, our specialist teams are able to create unique, bespoke and profitable solutions tailored to clients own needs and objectives, she said.
The workscope in this area includes provision of up-to-date market information and analysis; comprehension and analyses of client’s needs, targets and capabilities; formulation of marketing plans and schedules and disposal solutions, including public tenders, private treaties or public auctions; acquisition and disposal agency on real estate property.
The company has a number of Certified Appraisers and members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (UK), something that is its plus point vis-a-vis rivals.
“The company provides the global-level appraisal services with licensed experts and abundant experiences. Leveraging their special experience of the local and Asian property markets, our team offers a comprehensive range of valuation services,” she noted.
The workscope includes mortgage and financing valuations; statutory valuations like compensation, tax and litigation; capital market valuation for project financing; flotation mergers and acquisitions and accounting, transaction advisory services, due diligence and non-performing loans.
“We also provide comprehensive services of consultancy, investment, management and valuation for overseas project. And especially in Mainland China, where DTZ operates fully licensed offices in 15 cities. The workscope includes property development consultancy for overseas projects; valuation and due diligence for overseas projects; leasing and acquisition agency for overseas projects, property management; and property market study and feasibility study for overseas project,” Ms. Ahn said.
As regards leasing and acquisition, the company caters to corporate , retail, manufacturing and public sector occupiers , providing them the most comprehensive and effective real estate agency services available in the world.
“Our full service package in leasing includes the sourcing of locations and premises, rent reviews, restructures and renewals. We provide the services of acting behalf of developers, landlords and tenants.
Our team is renowned for their brokerage skills and has proven track records in assisting both owners and buyers in all major Asian markets,” she said.
The company works with clients every step of the way from the initial pre-leasing stage, and the team assists with everything from building design and target list preparation to advertising and marketing campaigns.
“If any company is looking to source premises overseas, our extensive and unrivalled network is perfectly placed to help make your move a successful one.”
Ms. Ahn said that DTZ’s property management team provides the fully-integrated, accessible and consistently reliable services that make quality cost-effective. Anticipating and responding to specific requirements, the company offers a full range of services that cover every stage of the property’s life.
The workscope in this area includes pre-project consultancy services, professional building management services, capital replacement services and lease management service.
Global investors, multinational occupiers, property companies and public sector organizations reflect the diversity of the worldwide audience benefiting from DTZs established reputation in consultancy.
In property development consultancy DTZ provides studies on socio economic background, city planning and infrastructure development, initial land use concept, conceptual master layout and initial development parameters. It also provides support to clients in seeking governmental approval on development plans, supply demand analysis, market feasibility studies and project positioning
Advice on the optimum development mix, density and land use plan, advice on appropriate facilities, exterior and interior design, architectural and landscape features and advice on marketing strategy is also provided.
The strategic consulting includes advice on investment strategies and decision making, market study, feasibility study, cash flow study while Real estate asset and portfolio strategy includes property market forecasts, determination of revenue structure, evaluation of capital budgeting projects and advice on financing arrangements.