Monday, February 22, 2010

Korean music classes for foreigners

In case you are interested in taking Korean music classes, you should find this  interesting:

2010 Korean Music Classes for Foreigners
Period: March 06, 2010 - May 22, 2010
Place: National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Seoul
The spring semester of 2010 Korean Traditional Music Class for Foreigners starts on March 6. The program will be conducted in English and Korean (with language assistant). The instruments necessary for the lesson will be leased during the class.
1. Duration
- Mar. 6 ~ May 22 (12 weeks) / 10:30~12:30, Every Saturday
* Costumed final presentation scheduled on May 22
2. Participation Fee
- 30,000 won (covering whole 12-week course)
3. Classes
- Janggu (Hourglass-Shaped Drum)
- Janggu for children (elementary school students)
- Gayageum (12-Stringed Zither)
- Haegeum (Two-Stringed Fiddle)
- Samulnori (Percussion Quartet, Prerequisite janggu class or basic janggu skills required)
* Classes are subject to be cancelled due to insufficient participants.
4. Application
- Period : Feb. 16 ~ Mar. 4.
- First come, first served
- How to : download application form, complete it and send it to
For more information and questions, feel free to contact Mr. Lee Baewon (02-580-3054,