Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Korean restaurant in Delhi looking for business partners

I received the following emails a while ago. An Indian hotelier plans to open a Korean restaurant in Delhi and is looking for a business partner (Korean.
The first email:

I needed your help to find a company or persons who may be interested in running a Korean Restaurant in New Delhi, India. The location is already set up as a restaurant and has some Korean kitchen equipment available in terms of kimchi fridge, bar b q tables, burners from Korea etc. Also pots and and pans are available.
The location already has a local government license to run as a restaurant and also has a liquor license available. The restaurant has seating for 45 plus a basement which already has the Korean style rooms made.
Currently in New Delhi there are 3 Korean restaurants of which only Gung the Palace is doing extremely well. Of the other two one is located in a 5 Star hotel and thereby is quite expensive and the quality is not so good. The last one has poor food quality and therefore not doing well.
My location is located near the diplomatic area and also has a huge expatriate population living in the neighbourhood; comprising of Europeans, Americans, Japanese and Koreans.
I am already running other restaurants in New Delhi and very familiar with running a restaurant. I am looking for a JV/partnership with a Korean company or person who wants to move to New Delhi for this business opportunity. The sales expected for the Korean restaurant are around Rs 35lakh - Rs 40lakh/month (USD 80,0000 - USD90,000 per month).
Another mail with details:
Let me give you a gist of the concept of the JV I envision : The Korean Partner will be responsible for ensuring the quality of the food so that it meets the authentic tastes & standards of the Korean clientele. They will also be responsible for networking in the Korean community in New Delhi to bring in business for the restaurant. There is a financial aspect of the deal as well but we can discuss that later.
My role essentially will be providing space , certain staff to manage the government required book keeping and also provide purchasing efficiencies to the partner. I will ensure compliance with all the local legal requirements needed to run the restaurant.
The restaurant will be catering to only Korean/Japanese people, other expatriates interested in eating Korean food and some Indians who may come in as guests of the Koreans who will visit the restaurant.
In terms of beef/pork , both are being imported and being sold in the Korean restaurants already present. There are also Korean supermarkets where beef is available.There is an issue with the beef but its being "managed". Soju is already available in my restaurant.
The most important issue is the ability to deliver quality food and network in the community. Even yesterday a fellow hotelier informed me that a tour company was looking for authentic Korean taste place and they have 35 groups that they can provide in a season.
My only request is that preferably I would like a person who can speak at least basic English as that really helps the dynamics and will also also make the business relationship easier.
If any Koreans are interested, do drop me an e-mail and i will give you the contact details.


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I can invest 5 lakhs to be the partner. GIve me a call at

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