Monday, February 3, 2014

Food for Thought: Free download of book on food industry

As is my principle, I DO NOT appreciate the traditional publishing houses ripping off authors. So to make a point, I have always released my books for FREE, only in digital formats. You could say I never got publishers, so this is a face-saving exercise.
What if I told you that I didn't approach them at all? Whatever...
Please find the link to my non-fiction book- Food for Thought.

The role of the Food Industry in helping consumers eat healthily and sustainably received considerable attention in recent years. While the food companies continue to produce enough affordable, quality food for the fast-growing and increasingly prosperous global population, they face a very challenging and volatile environment. Despite being a multi-trillion dollar industry, the worldwide food business’ annual growth is limited to the world’s population base. Competition is intense within the industry, especially in mature markets.This handbook is a compilation of 5 essays on the various important issues that the industry should always monitor. These include: Water Challenges, Food Waste, Climate Change, IP Rights, and Aging Population.

Download it, if you think it might be useful for you. If not, what the hell, it is FREE :0  BTW, I also wrote  two other non-fiction books and a novel- the download links are on your right!